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Bumble Bee Cleaning Services Co., Ltd. is a cleaning service company established in Yangon. We provide quality cleaning service for commercial, residential and industrial areas which include houses, apartments, condominiums, hotel, offices, warehouses, factories, etc. Bumble Bee offers a wide range of professional cleaning services such as complete clean, regular clean, custom clean and special clean in Yangon. We provide regular or one-time cleaning for special occasions, moving, and seasonal deep cleaning service as well.

Many of the people you will work with in our management and support team are long term Bumble Bee employees who have worked within a range of roles within the business. Bumble Bee promotes internal promotion and works to support personal employee development. These people know and understand what's involved in all areas of the business. Their knowledge and ability to support you in your role comes from them having 'been there and done that' themselves.

As you can imagine, this makes an incredible difference to the quality of support you are given as part of the Bumble Bee team. You are in the best position to build the career of your dreams.


We can match any cleaning tender and provide you with the same level of care when it comes to cleaning your commercial cleaning project.


All our cleaning staff go through rigorous cleaning training and are fully police checked before they commence on any cleaning project.


Across each of our different categories of cleaning services that we provide we have a team of specialist cleaners that we get to work on your specific cleaning project.

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We provide a 24 Hour, 7 Day a week service for any cleaning emergencies.