Floor Cleaning & Waxing

Floor Cleaning

Floors are high traffic areas which are easy to have dirt and grit and can give a beautiful floor unpleasant look. Dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches. High quality floor cleaning and waxing services from Bumble Bee services will ensure the appearance and cleanliness of all your floors.


At Bumble Bee we have different cleaning solution for different type of surfaces, so that you can rest assure that proper care will be taken for all your floor surface. Our cleaning and waxing will maintain floors shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear. We have cleaning service for the following floor surfaces.

Our flood restoration services include:

  • Anti-Bacterial Wash
  • Deodorizer Applied
  • Carpet Dry Wash
  • Polishing
  • Waxing

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