School Cleaning

Bumble Bee Professional Cleaning Services team of cleaners are highly committed to the education and childcare sector, delivering commercial cleaning services that suit your needs – working in and around school hours, staff meetings and school holidays! Our highly experienced cleaners ensure your education and / or childcare facility is clean, safe and healthy – so students are able to play and learn in a clean environment.

Our understanding of the specific daily requirement within educational facilities is second-to-none. Bumble Bee provided:

  • Working with Children certification
  • Flexibility in our commercial cleaning availability and ability to work around your timetable
  • Trained cleaners
  • Systematic cleaning to ensure consistency and thoroughness in our cleaning services
  • Knowledge of risks and safety associated with quality cleaning practice

Bumble Bee can be rest assured that educational and / or childcare site is clean and safe for children, students, visitors and staff alike. We know just how important cleanliness is in these sites for both children and adults. We also realize just how different these sites are in terms of the methods of cleaning that are required. Our cleaners genuinely care about your health and safety – all of which starts with a professional, quality cleaning service.

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